Sandhya_Arch Week Collage

Continuing with our spotlight on designers and our own homage to Architecture Week, today we are featuring DA Designer Sandhya Challa.  Sandhya is one of our bright young female designers and brings her keen eye, attention to detail, and artistic passion with her in all aspects of her work.

JM: What sparked your passion for architecture and how do you nurture your creativity?

SC: For me, architecture is a blend of creativity and practicality which allows for out-of-the-box thinking mixed with imaginative solutions for the way we experience spaces. It was this multifaceted problem solving that sparked my interest in architecture. Discovering the idea that architects influence the way we use and feel spaces planted a seed of curiosity to explore this field.

JM: What is your favorite project that you have worked on and what was unique about it?

SC: One of my favorite projects that I have worked on at Danielian Associates is the March Veterans Village project for US Vets, simply because it addresses the homeless veterans issue. It is a great feeling knowing that our project can help so many people in need of housing. Because of the special nature of this project, it was a great opportunity for me to learn and understand California Building Code and the ADA requirements and how they influence design.

JM: Who is your favorite or most influential architect?  Share your story on this person’s influence on today’s YOU.

SC: Alvar Aalto is my favorite Architect. What I admire most about him was his integral use of light in his projects, particularly the Cultural Center of Wolfsburg. The geometric shafts of light give the space a sense of calm and order.

Stay tuned as we feature a new DA Designer each day during National Architecture Week 2016!



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