Andrew_Arch Week CollageIt’s Day 3 of #ArchWeek2016 and next up on our roster of DA Designers is Andrew Schaffner.  Andrew is an avid traveler and seriously passionate about design. A graduate of the University of Arizona, he has been a part of the DA Team for nearly 3 years.

JM: What sparked your passion for architecture and how do you nurture your creativity?

The first set of plans I ever drew up was for a skateboard ramp, I must have been about 12 years old. The process of drawing the idea on paper, grabbing hammers and nails, and completing that ramp will forever be a cherished memory. My interest as a kid was more about extreme sports, but as I grew I began to draw more and realized I could design and build things for a living. The passion to create and build things with my hands has never left – though I don’t build ramps anymore, instead I love to build furniture pieces in my spare time.

JM: What is your favorite project that you have worked on and what was unique about it?

My favorite project with Danielian has been Clark Commons in Buena Park. I was involved in every process beginning with schematic design and then finally taking it through construction documents. It is very special to see a project progress from just a few simple sketches all the way to an incredible, built project.

JM: Who is your favorite or most influential architect?  Share your story on this person’s influence on today’s YOU.

I am an observer, constantly looking and trying to understand architecture whether I am biking around locally or traveling to different countries. I love architects that exhibit the vernacular of a site, using nature as the driver for a building’s design, but I also love modern design. A major influence for me in school was Le Corbusier, the image of Villa Savoye set in the center of a green field surrounded by trees displays good design. The building, while beautiful, really becomes a canvas designed for the human to reflect back on nature. The simplicity of the forms, the move to pull the building off the ground with the pilotis, and the large row of windows is a timeless design that will forever influence me.

Stay tuned as we feature a new DA Designer each day during National Architecture Week 2016!


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